Transgender Athletes & Sport - The Key Considerations and Practices

Transgender Athletes & Sport - The Key Considerations and Practices

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2021 saw unprecedented changes in the participation requirements for transgender athletes to compete in Olympic Sports.

Historically, specific eligibility thresholds were in place for all sports, the new position is that each individual sport is to identify and apply its own eligibility criteria. For many National governing Bodies, their International Federations are yet to determine a position, leaving sports in a state of uncertainty and flux.

This webinar will provide a thorough understanding of the legal and regulatory changes, as well as the practical considerations.

The session will you to navigate this complex area and will provide tangible takeaways when considering the policies and procedures to be adopted.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • The conclusions of the International Olympic Committee’s new ‘Framework on Fairness, Inclusion and Non-Discrimination on the basis of Gender Identity and Sex Variations’
    • Subsequent regulatory developments in various sports
  • Analysis of the evolving regulatory landscape
  • Sports Councils’ Equality Group (‘SCEG’) review
    • Its new guidance; ‘The UK's Sports Councils Guidance for Transgender Inclusion in Domestic Sport’
  • Practical considerations that International Federations and National Governing Bodies must address when creating or updating their transgender eligibility policies
    • The necessary supporting procedures to implement the eligibility criteria that they have determined for their sports
  • The additional emerging practical challenges that International Federations and National Governing Bodies will need to address in the future
  • Key case studies
  • Difficult scenarios
  • Practical tips

This webinar was recorded on 4th January 2024