Employment Disputes in Football - Rights & Remedies Explored

Employment Disputes in Football - Rights & Remedies Explored

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Football often generates disputes with complex and sometime unusual employment law angles; these range from the all too familiar manager dismissals, to misbehaving players and executives.

More recently, the question of the correct jurisdiction to determine such disputes has become even more vexed.

This webinar will consider rights, remedies and the forum for disputes and is aimed at sports law practitioners, employment lawyers and commercial litigators.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What amounts to repudiatory conduct in football entitling contracts to be terminated without notice?
  • Where should disputes be brought - civil courts, domestic arbitration or before the Court of Arbitration for Sport?
  • What payments may be considered to be part of a footballer’s remuneration and therefore form part of recoverable damages?

This webinar was recorded on 21st September 2021