Learn together: Join your peers in-person at our city centre seminars, presented by leading industry experts.

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Network with your peers

Take the opportunity to get to know other professionals in similar roles to your own, to collaborate and share ideas and experiences.

Convenient locations

We work with a range of city centre venues. They will always be within easy reach of local transport networks.

Unparalleled engagement

In an era when working from home has increasingly become the norm, an in-person seminar offers a welcome opportunity to take time away from your computer screen.

How it works

Step away from your desk to join our expert presenters in-person at venues around the UK. Our seminars are presented by experienced industry experts who cover an expansive range of topics. To date, we’ve held over 25,000 seminars making us the leading continuing professional development (CPD) provider in the UK.

Seminar duration is either half-day or full-day depending on the topic, with lunch provided free of charge for all full-day or multi-day courses.

Attending an in-person seminar can mean fewer distractions allowing you to concentrate on the subject matter and focus on the learning - free from ringing phones and colleague interruptions.

After attending a seminar, you will automatically receive a certificate confirming your attendance. We also maintain a record of all in-person training you have booked with MBL, should you be required to evidence your CPD activity by your professional body.

If you would like more information on our seminars, or are looking for one covering a specific topic, then please give us a call on 0161 793 0984 or email information@mblseminars.com.

Equally, we would love to hear from you if you would like to suggest a new seminar topic.

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More than 162,639 clients have given us their feedback

Catriona L | London

Very engaging speaker and the content was directly useful for my work. Enjoyed coming to the seminar in person once again.

Melissa S | Edinburgh

Very helpful and practical seminar with excellent speakers.

Stuart A | Bolton

Probably the best seminar that I have attended.

Ryan S | Sheffield

Interesting seminar and extremely useful, thank you.

Megan R | County Durham

This was my first experience of an MBL seminar, I was very impressed and will certainly be keen to come back.

Nicola C | Cambridge

The best seminar on the topic I have ever attended.

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