The New FCA Crypto Financial Promotion Rules - How to Ensure Compliance

The New FCA Crypto Financial Promotion Rules - How to Ensure Compliance


26 Sep 2024

2:00 PM ‐ 3:15 PM

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The FCA's new cryptoasset financial promotion rules came into force on 8 October 2023.

The FCA issued 146 warning notices within 24 hours of the rules taking effect.

So the message is loud and clear: take it seriously!

This new virtual classroom seminar will cover what the new rules are, what cryptoassets fall within scope and what firms can do to comply.

What You Will Learn

This live and interactive course will cover the following:

  • A high-level summary of the new rules:
    • The type of cryptoasset within scope
    • Applicability of the rules to different sectors within the financial services industry
    • The exterritorial effect of the rules
  • Options that are available to lawfully make cryptoasset financial promotions in the UK:
    • Relevant exemptions
    • Practical difficulties with such options
  • Consequences of breaching the rules

Recording of live sessions: Soon after the Learn Live session has taken place you will be able to go back and access the recording - should you wish to revisit the material discussed.