Fertility Treatment Policies - A Guide for HR Professionals

Fertility Treatment Policies - A Guide for HR Professionals

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Employees might face fertility difficulties due to medical problems, or an employee might be in a same sex relationship and be trying for a child. The process of fertility treatment can be long, gruelling and might not end in a success.

This short webinar is ideal for HR professionals and line managers and will look at what leave an employee is entitled to take if the employee is engaged in fertility treatment, and what an organisation should consider when putting together a fertility treatment policy.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Time off
    • For treatment (e.g., IVF)
    • If there is a miscarriage
  • Surrogacy
    • Time off for the surrogate mother
    • Time off for the receiving parents
  • Other leave that could be taken
    • Sick leave
  • Awareness of discrimination
    • Sexual orientation discrimination
    • Sex discrimination
  • Company policies
    • What to include in a fertility policy
    • Ensuring fairness in the application of a fertility policy

This webinar was recorded on 5th September 2023