ChatGPT for HR Professionals - Unravelling the Potential

ChatGPT for HR Professionals - Unravelling the Potential

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AI is not a new concept in HR.

Major employers have used AI to varying degrees for several years. But the pace of change has accelerated very significantly over recent months.

Research undertaken by Goldman Sachs predicts that artificial intelligence could replace more than 300 million jobs in the foreseeable future.

Generative AI systems such as ChatGPT are now so sophisticated they can create content indistinguishable from humans, write sophisticated, standard-form documents and policies, and fulfil administrative tasks.

This heralds an unprecedented change in people management.

As AI continues to revolutionise HR practices, it is vital for HR practitioners to grasp the opportunities, recognise the risks, and implement effective safeguards.

Presented by expert speaker Paul Jennings, this practical and interactive seminar will explore the potential and pitfalls associated with ChatGPT (and other market-leading AI systems) in the HR context.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • Discover the potential of ChatGPT in HR processes, from talent acquisition and employee engagement to performance management and document production
  • Leveraging AI for efficiency & accuracy
    • Learn how ChatGPT can streamline routine HR tasks
  • Ethical AI implementation
    • Explore the ethical implications of using AI in HR and understand the principles of responsible AI deployment
    • Learn how to strike the right balance between automation and human oversight
    • Understand the GDPR requirements around automated decision making
  • AI & discrimination
    • Explore recent cases and best practice guidance
  • Misconduct, plagiarism & foul play
    • When does the use of HR become a disciplinary/misconduct issue?
  • Data privacy & security
    • Understand the importance of data protection and privacy when using ChatGPT for sensitive HR information
    • Learn how to safeguard employee data and comply with relevant regulations
  • Employee trust & communication
    • How to build and maintain employee trust while integrating AI into HR processes