EU/UK Social Insurance Liability - The Latest Developments

EU/UK Social Insurance Liability - The Latest Developments

Available to view from 24 Oct 2024

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In the wake of the pandemic and the dramatic growth of hybrid working patterns, the European Commission has enacted new temporary rules covering those who work in more than one country. These particularly impact on those who attend a workplace in one country, but who also work from home when home is in another country - such employees are routinely referred to as frontier workers.

This short webinar will explain the changes that apply and will also focus on how these changes impact on the UK post Brexit in the operation of the UK/EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement Social Security Protocol.

This webinar is a must for any employer who has been faced with a request from an employee to allow regular work from a home outside of the UK, but within the EU.

What You Will Learn

This short webinar will cover the following:

  • How to use the new flexibilities announced by the European Commission for home working frontier workers
  • Where to source the latest advice and guidance from the European Commission as member states review the existing long standing rules
  • Details of individual member state flexibility that has been agreed
  • Who should apply for amended A1 certificates and when
  • The UK's attitude to the new flexibility

This pre-recorded webinar will be available to view from Thursday 24th October 2024

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