An Introduction to Inquests - 6 Essential Modules

An Introduction to Inquests - 6 Essential Modules

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This course is a comprehensive but digestible boxset of six, thirty-minute modules covering the basics of what you need to know about inquests.

Module 1 - What Is An Inquest?

  • What is an inquest? What is its purpose and what are the sources of law?
  • Who are the key people in an inquest?
  • What does an inquest process look like?
  • Overlap between inquests and other proceedings (stopping, starting, and resuming an inquest)

Module 2 - Opening An Inquest & Pre-Inquest Reviews

  • Formally opening an inquest and setting the inquest hearing date
  • Pre-inquest reviews in detail, including what they are, when they are held and topics which will be discussed

Module 3 - Scope & Juries

  • The scope of an inquest: Article 2 inquest or Jamieson inquest?
  • When will or can an inquest be held with a jury?

Module 4 - The Inquest Hearing - Procedure & Evidence

  • The inquest hearing itself: procedure and process
  • Forms of evidence at an inquest hearing
  • Live witnesses at an inquest hearing

Module 5 - Concluding An Inquest Hearing

  • Conclusions at an inquest hearing
  • Prevention of Future Deaths Reports

Module 6 - Challenging Coronial Decisions

  • Forms of challenge
  • Judicial review of inquest proceedings
  • Applications for a fresh inquest

This webinar was recorded on 23rd January 2024