Agricultural Property Finance - The Key Issues Considered

Agricultural Property Finance - The Key Issues Considered

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This webinar will cover the key elements of agricultural matters involving a lender and including a mix of legal aspects (the different types of security documents and how they apply to each type of legal entity) and practical guidance (what points the lender is really concerned about, how best to resolve issues and how to complete a lender’s report on title).

The webinar is aimed at agricultural fee earners and support staff who want a better understanding of the lender’s requirements so they can deal with them quickly and efficiently on behalf of their clients.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What is security and why do lenders need it?
  • The different types of security documents, which legal entities can grant them and what rights they give the lender if the borrower becomes insolvent
  • Whether a FBT is required on matters where the borrower and mortgagor are different (but connected) entities
  • The lender’s approach to overage agreements
  • Specific lending points about:
    • Ensuring trust deeds contain a specific power to borrow/grant mortgages
    • The need for commercial benefit when a company grants a guarantee (and additional approvals needed where a company guarantees a loan to its director)
    • Transfers between directors and their company, which require specific shareholder approvals
  • Exception-style reporting for lenders and the need to cover-off issues rather than just highlight them

This webinar was recorded on 9th March 2023