DORA Explored - A Bite-Sized Update for Financial Services

DORA Explored - A Bite-Sized Update for Financial Services

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DORA, or the Digital Operational Resilience Act, is a piece of EU legislation that will impact a huge range of financial services companies and some non-financial firms too.

As the first attempt to harmonise ICT risk management requirements at an EU-level, it contains detailed lists of requirements, aimed at boosting the operational and security capabilities of in-scope firms.

For firms without the EU link, this may also be useful in understanding what UK regulators might increasingly expect to see domestically.

This short webinar will cover the expectations across the 5 core pillars of the regulation, as well as the key reporting requirements.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Background to the regulation and the regulatory objectives
  • 5 core pillars - what are regulators expecting?
    • ICT risk management
    • ICT-related incident reporting
    • Digital operational resilience testing
    • ICT third-party risk
    • Information sharing
  • Expectations on reporting and evidencing senior manager oversight

This webinar was recorded on 22nd May 2023