eSports - Issues, Challenges & Opportunities

eSports - Issues, Challenges & Opportunities

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As the eSports scene is becoming more and more important and championships are paying out ever larger amounts of prize money, the eSports scene is more and more confronted with similar problems as traditional sports including contract disputes, visa problems, data protection, doping and match fixing.

Whilst these issues are addressed in the traditional sport disciplines, the same is not the case in the eSports sphere.

This webinar will cover the key issues we are facing in the eSports sphere and will also consider common commercial and legal areas including competition law, licensing and the IP rights of publishers and organisers, event sponsorships, and players’ agents.

Under the prism of a comparative law approach, the webinar will provide an overview of practices in Europe, Asia, North America and elsewhere in the world.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Is eSports a sport in the traditional sense and how does eSports qualify in different jurisdictions?
  • Doping - anti-doping legislation, anti-doping bodies and criminal liability
  • E-athlete eligibility
  • Youth protection
  • Gambling laws
  • Human rights protection and anti-discrimination
  • Competition & antitrust laws
  • Employment contracts and sponsorship agreements
  • Immigration law issues
  • Streaming rights
  • Anti-addiction legislation and possible disputes arising out of such legislation
  • International taxation issues and double taxation treaties
  • eSports and M&A

This webinar was recorded on 12th April 2022