The Impact of AI on IP - Where Are We Now?

The Impact of AI on IP - Where Are We Now?

Available to view from 30 Aug 2024

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Businesses and lawmakers are tackling the opportunities and challenges of AI, and its impact on intellectual property concepts.

Particular attention has focused on generative AI, both in terms of the lawful use of training data and the rights in outputs.

Deepfakes and imitative systems for producing music and other content have also grabbed headlines. Additionally, patent offices and courts have grappled with AI inventions.

Old concepts such as ‘inventorship’, ‘author’ and ‘originality’ are being tested.

Courts are being asked, for the first time, to consider whether machine learning involves infringement of rights.

Can the current IP regime adapt, and to what extent are new laws and practices needed?

This webinar will examine the areas in which AI is pushing the boundaries of current IP law and explore where developments may head next in this fast-moving area.

It is suitable for IP lawyers and technology/commercial lawyers with some existing knowledge of IP law, either in private practice or in-house.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What is ‘AI’ and how does it use and create IP works?
  • Training AI systems - rights problems:
    • UK copyright and database right exceptions - do they apply?
    • Moral rights
    • Who is liable?
    • The UK government’s attempts to create a solution
    • Case law and international comparisons
    • The EU legislative position
  • Protection for AI outputs:
    • Copyright and design rights - originality, authorship and ownership of prompts and AI-generated works, and term of protection
    • Patentability of AI-generated inventions - AI inventors and the patent system
  • IP infringement using AI:
    • Deepfakes and imitations, including:
      • Reviving deceased/retired performers
      • Parody/disparagement
    • Trade mark infringement tests
    • Who is liable?

This pre-recorded webinar will be available to view from Friday 30th August 2024

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