Cash, P&L & Balance Sheets - A Guide for Lawyers

Cash, P&L & Balance Sheets - A Guide for Lawyers
19 Jun 2024 - London


19 Jun 2024

10:00 AM ‐ 4:00 PM

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Introduction: Requires no prior subject knowledge
5 hours
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This practical in-person seminar is designed to cover all the essential foundation information that lawyers need to know about finance.

It will answer the questions that you are most likely to face in your professional work and will include a number of current case studies and examples to ensure that the training for you is as relevant and up-to-date as possible.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • Introduction
    • Current state of financial regulation in the UK - Companies Act, Accounting Standards (GAAP) and other key entities - LLP, Charities
    • Key terminology explained
    • Initial case study - some common misconceptions addressed
  • Understanding profit and loss
    • What is a profit? The different types and why they are important
    • Timing - how to allocate transactions to different accounting periods (case study examples)
    • Revenue or capital - should a transaction be reported in the profit and loss account at all (examples)
    • Exceptional one-off items and whether they should be considered (with examples)
  • The balance sheet
    • What the balance sheet is for and what it is not for, the main headings explained
    • Different types of asset - tangible, intangible and investment
    • Reporting working capital
    • Liabilities, provisions and contingencies and the problem with 'big bath' accounting (with examples)
    • Debt or equity shareholder's funds - how to tell the difference
  • Understanding the cash flow statement
    • What is 'cash' and what types of cash flow are identified
    • The importance of 'free cash flow' and how to find it
    • The relationship between cash and profits - (case study)
    • Cash and net debt or net funds
  • Financial ratios
    • Ratios used to analyse operating performance - profit margins and return on capital
    • Liquidity and solvency - can the business pay its debts as they fall due?
    • Financial risk - the calculation of gearing
    • Case study - calculating and analysing ratios for different business types

Feedback on this course

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Bonar Mercer

Edinburgh | MacRoberts LLP

A very engaging and very clear speaker.

Richard Gerrard

London | AgDevCo

Well structured and an engaging speaker.

Arlene Wishart

Perth | Vaird Ltd

Excellent professional speaker.

Graeme Barron

Edinburgh | Skyscanner

Made a dry subject really quite interesting and engaging.

Sundip Mapara

Leicester | Howes Percival LLP

Very clear and articulate.

Diann Cannon

Dublin | Flynn O'Driscoll

Very well structured to cater for everyone's knowledge base.

Gareth Smyth

Dublin | Wallace Corporate Counsel

Excellent engaging speaker.

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