Artificial Intelligence, Governance & The Law - Recent Developments & Best Practice

Artificial Intelligence, Governance & The Law - Recent Developments & Best Practice

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AI technologies are being used across many industries, but as well as being a source of opportunity for businesses, they are also a source of risk.

The regulation of AI is becoming more sophisticated across many jurisdictions, and lawsuits concerning the use of AI are increasing.

This webinar will explore the nature of AI technology and the sources of risk, as well as developing legislation around the world. The session will conclude with practical tips and best practices.

The session will be presented by Jacob Turner of Fountain Court Chambers - a leading AI lawyer who has acted in some of the world’s most significant AI-related cases, including as counsel for Dr Thaler in the UK Supreme Court in Thaler v Comptroller-General of Patents (the ‘AI Inventor’ case), representing the claimants in Drivers v Uber and OLA Cabs (the ‘robo-firing’ case), R v Akrofi-Daniels, a Court of Appeal case concerning the use of an algorithm in the sentencing of a convicted drug dealer, and defending (successfully) the first company investigated by the UK data protection regulator for alleged AI bias.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Responsible AI - what it means and why does it matter?
  • Explainable and transparent AI systems
  • Who is responsible when AI makes an error?
  • What rights are there to protection from discrimination caused by algorithms, machine learning and automated decision-making?
  • Recently enacted laws on AI internationally, including the EU’s draft AI regulation, Singapore's developing AI governance, including the IMDA and PDPC’s Model AI Governance Framework and the MAS FEAT framework, as well as China’s recently released draft algorithm regulations
  • How should firms go about setting up controls/governance environments for AI systems?

This webinar was recorded on 16th August 2023