The PPC Standard Form of Contract - A Box Set for Construction Professionals

The PPC Standard Form of Contract - A Box Set for Construction Professionals

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The PPC standard form of contract was launched at the dawn of the new Millennium and is now a serious contract form of choice for both private sector and public sector projects. Because of its structure, PPC is best used for larger projects, requiring multiple parties’ close involvement.

Users accept that PPC requires close collaboration and if set up and used correctly can bring new meaning to successful partnering and projects. With a simple and short ‘vanilla’ form, it is ready made for multi-party integration, and it can be tailored to suit the collective.

All parties’ needs are met through the skeletal form and ‘fill in the blank’ requirements including identifying documents to be included, milestones, and incentives as well as a contract cut-off if the arrangement isn’t working out. Industry’s long-standing requirements as to time, cost and quality are mapped in the contract terms.

This series of webinars will teach you all the key points about PPC so you can start to get to grips with this form of contract and use it successfully as the basis for your projects.

What You Will Learn

This modular webinar will cover the following:

Module 1: Introducing PPC

  • What is the PPC’s philosophy, structure and what’s in the ‘suite’ of contracts?
  • How PPC aligns to other contracts: time, cost and quality
  • The role of the Core Group, the Partnering Team, the Client Representative and Partnering Adviser

Module 2: Delivery and Risk

  • Special terms and risk management in delivery
  • Joining agreement, specialists, and the supply chain
  • Dealing with claims for time and money and change control

Module 3: Cost Management

  • Pre-construction activities and agreed maximum price
  • Payment procedures: interim payments and final account
  • How to apply for, and certify money ‘due’

Module 4: Quality Management

  • How PPC manages quality assurance: objectives, KPIs and targets, sustainability, and the quality management system
  • Design team, lead designer and design and process development
  • Procedure for completion and how to address and rectify defects

Module 5: Time Management

  • How does PPC measure project progress and manage time and programme?
  • Instructions and objections
  • Acceleration, postponement, and resequencing

Module 6: Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

  • How PPC disputes arise: warning signs and what to do about them
  • Dispute avoidance techniques and using PPC’s contract tools to support early closure
  • Formal options for determination and resolution of PPC disputes

This webinar was recorded on 25th April 2023