Dispute Resolution for eSports - A Spotlight on ADR & Arbitration

Dispute Resolution for eSports - A Spotlight on ADR & Arbitration

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As the eSports scene grows it is frequently being confronted with similar problems as traditional sports including doping, match fixing, employment disputes and unfair conduct such as cheating.

How does the scene cope with disputes amongst the players, organizers, stakeholders, and publishers? What are the areas of potential exposure to risk? And how can these disputes be solved?

This new webinar will explain the issues that eSports is facing, elaborate on current regulations and consider whether the current arbitration institutions are working.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Disputes you might encounter in the eSports field
  • Arbitration and which institutions are currently the go-to venues for eSports
  • The knowledge you need to be a successful counsel/arbitrator in the eSports field
  • Which disputes can and should be resolved by mediation

This webinar was recorded on 12th April 2022