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ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies are extremely powerful and can be used for many purposes, but at the same time give rise to significant legal and ethical issues.

Problems with the input to AI include the legal hurdles to ‘data scraping’ - namely obtaining large amounts of ostensibly public data to train AI programs. Another danger arising from AI input is that the terms and conditions of ‘free to use’ software may allow developers to use information and prompts fed into the system for their own purposes.

Other issues arise concerning the output of AI, and the question of whether text, designs, coding, pictures or even inventions generated by an AI program can be protected by existing intellectual property laws. Further legal difficulties include those of bias and inaccuracy.

This new virtual classroom seminar will explore the legal and technological routes of these problems, as well as techniques which organisations can use to address them.

This session is led by Jacob Turner of Fountain Court Chambers who is an expert in the legal regulation of AI and has acted in some of the world’s most significant AI-related cases, including as counsel for Dr Thaler in the UK Supreme court in Thaler v Comptroller-General of Patents (the ‘AI Inventor’ case), representing the claimants in Drivers v Uber and OLA Cabs (the ‘robo-firing’ case), and defending (successfully) the first company investigated by the UK data protection regulator for alleged AI bias.

Jacob will be joined by two partners from Simmons & Simmons LLP; Jayne Bentham who heads up the technology, media, and telecom group and Minesh Tanna who is an industry-recognised leader in AI law and the firm’s global AI lead.

What You Will Learn

This live and interactive session will cover the following:

  • What is the technology behind ChatGPT and other ‘Large Language Model’ AI, and what are its limitations?
  • IP issues arising from the output of generative AI - who owns the copyright, trademark, and patents they create?
  • IP issues arising from the input to AI input - contract, copyright, database rights, data privacy and criminal law
  • Practical dangers for businesses, including inaccuracy in output, bias, and the release of confidential information
  • How to use generative AI responsibly

Recording of live sessions: Soon after the Learn Live session has taken place you will be able to go back and access the recording - should you wish to revisit the material discussed.

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Learn Live | 09.06.2023

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ChatGPT & Generative AI - The Legal & Ethical Issues

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10:00am - 12:00pm

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Learn Live | 07.07.2023

N/A | 2:00pm - 4:00pm

ChatGPT & Generative AI - The Legal & Ethical Issues

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2:00pm - 4:00pm

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Learn Live | 14.08.2023

N/A | 10:00am - 12:00pm

ChatGPT & Generative AI - The Legal & Ethical Issues

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10:00am - 12:00pm

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