Untraceable Shareholders - What Can Your Company & Clients Do?

Untraceable Shareholders - What Can Your Company & Clients Do?

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There are several circumstances where a company may have an untraceable shareholder and whilst it is more common for public companies, it can be an issue for private limited companies too, often where a shareholder has passed away and the family are not aware they were a shareholder, or they have simply moved and failed to update their details.

Shares usually have several rights attached, including the right to receive dividends and the right to attend and vote at shareholder meetings. Failure for a company to follow the relevant procedures for paying dividends and calling and holding meetings can cause decisions to be challenged and actions for damages sought.

If untraceable shareholders may be an issue for your company or clients, then this short webinar is for you.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Common provisions in the articles of association:
    • For a plc
    • For a private company limited by shares (in relation to unclaimed dividends)
  • Amendment of the articles of association for the future?
  • Companies Act 2006 provisions for notice communications to untraceable shareholders
  • Option to buyback untraceable shareholders shares (and how to deal with the requirement to pay for the shares on completion)

This webinar was recorded on 17th October 2023