Unregistered Land Conveyancing - A Practical Workshop

Unregistered Land Conveyancing - A Practical Workshop
2 Oct 2024 - London


2 Oct 2024

10:00 AM ‐ 4:30 PM

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Introduction: Requires no prior subject knowledge
5 hours
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This practical in-person course, aimed at trainees and junior solicitors, will give you the confidence to do unregistered land conveyancing. You will learn by working with unregistered title documents* how to establish a good root, a good chain of ownership, and which requisitions on title need to be raised, and those which can be safely ignored.

The seminar will not be a lecture on unregistered land conveyancing or a review of how unregistered land conveyancing differs from registered land conveyancing. It will be a practical and interactive session.

*Facsimile titles have been prepared which attendees will work through.

What You Will Learn

This seminar will cover the following:

  • A practical and easy-to-use method to investigate an unregistered title - so you don’t miss anything, but don’t waste time
  • Identifying a good root, establishing a good chain of ownership, and spotting the gaps
  • Speed reading Deeds of Conveyance and Abstracts of Title - identifying what is there, what needs to be there, and what does it mean?
  • Going behind the root?
  • Using the safety measures provided by statute and caselaw to protect conveyancers and their clients
  • Pragmatic ways to deal with historic drafting errors
  • Death, Grants of Representation, and endorsed memoranda
  • Deeds of Assent
  • Capacity - beneficial owners, survivors of joint tenants, trustees and PRs
  • Land Charges Searches - when, against who, and for what period?
  • Drafting and reviewing the unregistered land contract
  • Deed packs - sorting out ‘the wheat from the chaff’