Surrogacy, Parental Orders & Legal Parentage - A Guide for Family Lawyers

Surrogacy, Parental Orders & Legal Parentage - A Guide for Family Lawyers

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This webinar gives an outline of the relevant legal framework in surrogacy cases, and how intended parents can achieve status as parents through parental orders.

The webinar will deal with how to assist in preparing the application for a parental order, what to include within the intended parent(s) witness statement and how to make sure the relevant criteria is met. It will also address what happens in cases where the criteria for a parental order is not met and a parental order is not made.

This webinar will also explore the Law Commission’s final recommendations for UK surrogacy law reform and how this will impact upon practice if made into law.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Brief background: Surrogacy in the UK
  • The criteria for a parental order
  • The court process
  • What to include within a witness statement in support of a parental order
  • The role of the parental order reporter
  • Alternatives to a parental order and possible orders that are available (if a parental order is not made and if criteria is not met)
  • The Law Commission’s final recommendations and what this means in practice in the UK

This webinar was recorded on 29th April 2024

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