Solar Farm Commercial Development - The Key Elements Explored

Solar Farm Commercial Development - The Key Elements Explored


3 Jun 2024

9:00 AM ‐ 11:00 AM

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2 hours
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Solar farms are a hot topic of conversation in the countryside, whether for greenfield sites or commercial shed rooftops.

In this virtual classroom, Alastair Frew discusses the key elements of a solar farm development option and lease, from basic commercial terms to the need to consider site remediation at the end of the term.

It will address the need to connect to the grid and whether or not battery storage can be a valuable addition. The important taxation concerns are also introduced, and it will conclude with a review of recent case law.

What You Will Learn

This live and interactive course will cover the following:

  • Solar Panels - an introduction
  • Feed In Tariff - gone but not forgotten
  • The importance of the 50MW threshold - Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects
  • Substations - freehold or leasehold?
    • Rental terms
    • Easements
  • The Grid Connection
    • Form G99
    • Contestable v non-contestable works
  • Solar Farms
    • Lease terms
    • Contractual term
    • Rent
    • Reinstatement
    • Decommissioning
    • Security bond/joint account
    • Security of tenure - 1954 Act applies unless excluded
    • Crop loss to farm tenant - BPF entitlements
    • Green Credits
    • Substations
    • Direct Agreements
  • Option or Development Agreement
    • Advantage for landowner/developer
    • The lease plan
    • Vehicular easements and fencing
    • Who applies for planning permission?
    • Visual Impact Assessment
    • Environmental Enhancement
  • Business rates
  • Rooftops
    • Security of tenure - has a dwelling house roof become a business?
    • Who owns the electricity?
    • Consent from mortgagee?
    • Business rates apply if the electricity is sold to the Grid
  • Battery Storage
    • To balance your own scheme or a stand-alone scheme?
    • Rent - £/acre) or £/watt
    • Premium payments and assignment penalties?
    • The 50MW threshold - Infrastructure Planning (Electricity Storage Facilities) Order 2020
    • Premium payments and assignment penalties?
    • Decommissioning and reinstatement
  • Tax
    • Business Property Relief
    • Inheritance Tax
    • The Balfour Assessment
  • Case Study - Cleve Hill in Kent
  • Case law - solar schemes on farmland

Recording of live sessions: Soon after the Learn Live session has taken place you will be able to go back and access the recording - should you wish to revisit the material discussed.