Optimising Costs Recovery in Civil Litigation - Recent Case Law & Developments

Optimising Costs Recovery in Civil Litigation - Recent Case Law & Developments

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In the evolving world of costs, this webinar will look at recent case law and developments which have a direct impact on the recovery of legal costs.

This webinar will highlight some of the expanding list of costs decisions arising from disputes between solicitors and their clients - such as Kenton v Slee Blackwell PLC where a law firms costs were reduced from £235,263 to £60,000 due to the fee estimates provided, and Diag Human SE & Anor v Volterra Fietta where a bill was reduced from $2.9m to nothing due to an unenforceable CFA.

It will also explore every day issues impacting on costs recoveries such as hourly rates, costs management and misconduct.

The webinar will also provide guidance as to how you can take steps to optimise your costs recoveries and is suitable for those with a good grasp of the Civil Procedure Rules.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Retainers and costs estimates - the consequences of getting them wrong and common pitfalls
  • What is typically disallowed at a detailed assessment?
  • What hourly rates are being awarded by the courts?
  • When will the court allow you a departure from a costs budget?
  • Division of costs when dealing with multiple claimants or defendants
  • When the court will allow indemnity costs

This webinar was recorded on 7th February 2024