IP Enforcement in the UK - Balancing ‘Smart’ Processes & Risk

IP Enforcement in the UK - Balancing ‘Smart’ Processes & Risk

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Technology has brought some incredible shifts in how rights holders can manage and enforce their IP.

This short webinar will examine ‘smart’ technological and other streamlined solutions to IP enforcement and how these should be balanced with human input on strategy and risk.

Time and cost-efficient IP enforcement must still effectively mitigate legal and negative PR risks.

This is especially true when considering the common law in relation to estoppel and statutory provisions relating to unjustified threats.

The webinar will provide useful guidance and anecdotes on balancing streamlined ‘smart’ enforcement processes with those often-overlooked risks.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • How to navigate unjustified threats provisions under UK trade mark law
  • How to balance contentious/enforcement action with common law and statutory estoppel
  • When co-existence agreements are useful and when they are not

This webinar was recorded on 14th November 2023