Internal Relocation - Caselaw & Top Tips for Family Lawyers

Internal Relocation - Caselaw & Top Tips for Family Lawyers

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When parents separate, one or both may wish to relocate to different parts of the country with the children. This can be for many reasons, including access to family support, more affordable housing, or better schools.

The legal considerations can differ compared with a parent wanting to move abroad.

The desire to relocate internally has become increasingly common, particularly since the pandemic where priorities have changed, and more flexible working arrangements make it less important to remain living close to your place of work.

It is therefore important to identify an internal relocation early and ensure you and your client are properly prepared for this.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What is internal relocation
  • Differences between internal relocation cases and international relocation cases
  • Case law update on internal relocation
  • Top tips for securing an internal relocation
  • Top tips for preventing an internal relocation

This webinar was recorded on 27th February 2024