How To Manage Workplace Conflict Professionally - Tricky Situations Explored

How To Manage Workplace Conflict Professionally - Tricky Situations Explored

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Challenging workloads, different personalities and competing pressures in the workplace can all result in conflict.

A crucial skill for any professional is dealing with conflict assertively. Developing the skills to deal with difficult situations will help you to achieve your personal and organisational goals and reduce stress.

Working patterns are changing and many organisations now work in a different way, with some team members working remotely, whilst others are office based. This can make conflict even more difficult to deal with.

This webinar will help you understand why conflict occurs, how to spot the signs (even when working with or as part of a remote team) and equip you with some approaches to dealing with difficult situations. It will also look at some common tricky situations at work - from managing competing demands, dealing with poor performance, to managing disputes in your team.

This webinar is for any manager or business professional who is seeking to deal with conflict in the workplace in order to increase their effectiveness.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Understand why conflict occurs in the workplace and how it can impact on effective relationships
  • Understand that people approach and deal with conflict differently and how to spot the signs
  • Use a simple three step model which will help you to communicate more effectively and how to adapt, even when communicating remotely
  • Consider how to handle some common difficult situations assertively:
    • Giving timely feedback on poor performance
    • Managing a dispute in a team and building trust
    • Responding appropriately to a demanding client
    • Saying ‘no’ to your boss when your workload is unmanageable

This webinar was recorded on 21st March 2023

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