How to Identify & Manage Trade Sanction Risks in the Maritime Sector

How to Identify & Manage Trade Sanction Risks in the Maritime Sector

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Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine in spring 2022, followed by waves of increasingly complex sanctions against Russia imposed by the UK, EU, US, and others mean that sanctions issues are now a boardroom concern for every shipping company.

Regulators are under pressure to demonstrate that there is effective enforcement, to ensure compliance, and this means that the consequences of a violation have never been more serious.

Banks, insurers, and other service providers have also adopted a very cautious approach, often negatively impacting on even legitimate activities.

This webinar will explain how trade sanctions impact on your organisation and give practical guidance on steps you can take to ensure that your activities do not inadvertently infringe sanctions.

That will enable you to deliver real value to your organisation, at a time when these matters command attention at the board level.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What are sanctions?
  • Who imposes them?
  • What are the consequences of a violation?
  • How do sanctions specifically impact on businesses in the maritime sector?
  • How to identify sanctions risks
  • What actions should you take to manage sanctions risks?
  • How to manage counterparty risk
  • How to deal with banks, insurers, and other interested parties

This webinar was recorded on 8th August 2023

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