Forfeiture for Non-Payment of Rent - The Key Issues

Forfeiture for Non-Payment of Rent - The Key Issues

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Forfeiture for non-payment of rent can be the quickest, cheapest and most effective means of securing payment of rent arrears and reinforcing financial discipline for the future. But unless done correctly it carries with it risks of criminal liability for the landlord, and an invalid forfeiture may lead to a damages claim for unlawful eviction.

It is necessary to understand the pitfalls and the best practice. While it is an ancient area of law, there are still plenty of areas of uncertainty, and the courts continue to decide cases which throw further light on the topic.

This webinar identifies the key practical matters with the benefit of the most recent cases.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What is the preferred method of forfeiture?
  • What are the required formalities before forfeiting?
  • In what circumstances might forfeiture be unavailable?
  • How long does a tenant have to apply for relief?
  • Can the landlord recover arrears by selling the tenant’s goods left at the premises after forfeiture?

This webinar was recorded on 28th February 2024