Equal Treatment of Bidders in Public Procurement - How to Get it Right

Equal Treatment of Bidders in Public Procurement - How to Get it Right

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Public procurement is an area of law in constant flux and perhaps now more than ever, which makes managing and advising on procurement exercises and challenges a matter of complex balancing exercises.

The principle of equal treatment of bidders sounds deceptively simple but can be very difficult to apply in practice. In this webinar we explore recent cases in the area including Inhealth, Consultant Connect and Landkreis Aichach-Friedberg, and what is likely to change under the Procurement Bill now nearing the end of its passage through Parliament.

It will consider how best to deal with difficult situations such as when to disqualify and when not to, how to handle exclusion criteria, the best way of drafting the ITT to minimise difficulties further along in the process, and how to deal with unexpected issues arising during submissions, evaluation, scoring and debriefing.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Tips for drafting an ITT and contracting authority requirements
  • How to apply exclusion criteria
  • How to deal with challenging situations that arise during the procurement process
  • When to disqualify and when not to disqualify bidders
  • Dealing with difficult situations at the end of the process

This webinar was recorded on 3rd October 2023