Public Procurement - Understanding Remedies & Time Limits

Public Procurement - Understanding Remedies & Time Limits

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Until the new Procurement Bill receives Royal Assent, public procurement practitioners and lawyers must navigate the existing legal landscape. When things go wrong, this means understanding the remedies that are open to challengers. It also means understanding the tight time limits for making a claim.

This webinar will explain what the remedies are and the impact of the time limit. The session will also consider relevant and recent case law and consider how some things may change under the new Procurement Bill.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • A summary of the likely scenarios for bringing a claim
  • When the time limit for bringing a claim arises
  • Time limits v standstill period
  • The automatic suspension, when and how to lift it
  • The remedies where a contract has been signed
  • The remedies where a contract has not been signed
  • An update on case law in relation to the above
  • Initial thoughts on the Procurement Bill in respect of the above

This webinar was recorded on 3rd October 2022