Client File Reviews for Financial Services - Best Practice Strategies

Client File Reviews for Financial Services - Best Practice Strategies

Available to view from 16 Oct 2024

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Reviewing client files is an essential part of ensuring a business is healthy; the culture of a firm is on the right track; the client’s adviser has ‘remembered everything’, and the client is being treated fairly.

This webinar will cover the why, how, and when of completing client file reviews.

Everyone who comes across client files will benefit from this webinar as we delve into the processes and procedures of quality client file reviews.

Understanding more about how effective data can be gained and used will provide your firm with a robust basis on which to improve adviser performance and better evidence your firm is treating its clients fairly.

Learning about what makes feedback effective will help your firm’s advisers develop, as well as further protecting your customers.

Consumer Duty is focusing the industry further into evidencing that the regulated firm is doing all they can to act in the clients’ best interest - illustrating clear monitoring, analysis and evaluation of your firm’s client file reviews is a key tool in this process.

With the FCA’s latest Thematic Review about Retirement Income Advice out there, the webinar will also discuss the RIAAT - there is no better time to look at your firm’s processes.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Why you need to undertake client file reviews
  • Where to find the FCA rules relating to client file reviews
  • Creating a check-sheet to ensure your client file reviews capture all the information your firm needs
  • How important effective feedback is
  • How to plan for your firm’s client file reviews

This pre-recorded webinar will be available to view from Wednesday 16th October 2024

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Client File Reviews for Financial Services - Best Practice Strategies