Business Registered Sponsors - Duties & Consequences of Non-Compliance

Business Registered Sponsors - Duties & Consequences of Non-Compliance

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During this webinar employment law expert Imelda Reddington will examine the duties associated with sponsorship and the consequences for breaching those duties, including Home Office enforcement action and tips for an on-site inspection.

This webinar is suitable for practitioners who are registered as Level 1 users on their client’s sponsorship licence, those who advise Level 1 users and other key personnel on an organisation’s licence.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • General duties of a registered sponsor
  • Overriding duties in relation to the sponsor organisation
  • Right to work duties
  • Reporting duties for migrants and the organisation
    • Takeovers and mergers
  • Record keeping duties
  • Genuineness of vacancies and third party working
  • Enforcement action from the Home Office
  • Areas of focus for onsite Home Office inspection

This webinar was recorded on 10th February 2022

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