An Update on Planning Permissions & Conditions in Property Transactions

An Update on Planning Permissions & Conditions in Property Transactions

Available to view from 13 Jun 2024

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Have you ever advised a client on a property transaction and wondered how to unravel all the competing planning permissions and their conditions?

This webinar will consider what planning permissions are still in force and will also consider which conditions will affect the property and whether you should apply for alterations to them under section 73.

In addition, the webinar will review whether to apply for CLEUDS or CLOPUDs under sections 191 or 192 to clarify the situation.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What constitutes the planning permission?
  • How many permissions are there, and which ones are still valid?
  • Have they been implemented?
  • Are there any conditions?
  • How do you interpret them?
  • Recent cases on the interpretation of the uses of S 73 and S 96A will be dealt with in detail
  • Should I apply for a s 191 or s 192 certificate to clarify the situation?
  • How do they interact with s 106 and CIL?

This pre-recorded webinar will be streamed at 12:30pm on Thursday 13th June 2024 and will remain available to view by delegates who have registered by then for 90 days.