An Introduction to Directors’ Disqualification

An Introduction to Directors’ Disqualification

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As more companies face long term financial difficulties in the current challenging economic times, and as more companies are likely to fall into a formal insolvency process, those advising company directors will inevitably see an increase in instructions from those facing directors’ disqualification proceedings.

For professionals who have a good grounding in the disqualification regime, their advice can be invaluable in helping director clients work their way through the mire of proceedings, and out the other side.

This new webinar will look at all the key issues in directors’ disqualification for those that advise directors facing such proceedings.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • How can a director be disqualified? - the various statutory provisions that apply
  • Who might be subject to the disqualification regime - what constitutes a director for these purposes?
  • How long can a director be disqualified for?
  • What is a director disqualified from doing?
  • What constitutes unfitness - with examples of what can be considered ‘misconduct’ that warrants formal disqualification
  • What is a disqualification undertaking?
  • What is the process for these proceedings?
  • Who pays the costs of the disqualification?
  • What happens if a director is in breach of their disqualification?
  • Permission to be a director despite disqualification - how and when is this possible?

This webinar was recorded on 3rd November 2021