The Third Party Debt Order Process - From Start to Finish

The Third Party Debt Order Process - From Start to Finish

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By third party debt orders, sums owed by a judgment debtor that are in the hands of a third party are frozen and seized for the benefit of the judgment creditor.

Whilst they are one of the least used methods of enforcement of a money judgment, they are an extremely useful method of enforcement where a debtor has a bank account into which their salary is paid.

The process of obtaining a third-party debt order can be reasonably straight-forward and efficient, provided you are knowledgeable of the process and the various paperwork involved.

For lawyers with clients of any shape, size, variety or specialism, debt recovery and subsequent enforcement action is likely to be an important skill in the coming weeks and months.

Whilst obtaining a court judgment against a debtor is a first step, securing that debt so that physical cash can then be recovered is essential.

This webinar will explore the third-party debt order process from start to finish, including the documentation required, the likely timescales involved, the applications and court attendances necessary and finally, what happens if an order is successfully obtained.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • The history and background of the third-party debt order
  • When to apply; the court to which you need to apply, and the application forms required
  • Should an application be made on notice?
  • Applying for and obtaining a third-party debt order
  • Effecting service correctly
  • Notifying the third party involved, and ensuring compliance
  • Costs involved, including interest, and recovery of the same
  • Recent case law, CPR and practice direction updates

This webinar was recorded on 6th November 2023