The NEC4 Form of Contract - Understanding The 2023 Amendments

The NEC4 Form of Contract - Understanding The 2023 Amendments

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Since the NEC4 form of contract was published in 2017, there have been two short sets of amendments. In January 2023, a third set of amendments was issued, this set is much more comprehensive.

This webinar provides a thorough assessment of all the recent amendments and key information of interest to the market. You will also explore the thinking behind the amendments so that you can understand the reasoning and decide whether they work for your organisation and projects, or whether you need to alter them by way of Z clauses.

The webinar concludes with a summary of actions and key take aways.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Background to the NEC4 and the latest amendments
  • Themes pertaining to the latest publication: the user experience and market interest
  • Key amendments - what’s changed and what does this mean?
    • Design liability and limitations under X15
    • Climate change and X29
    • Changes to the short contracts and impact on supply chain
    • Schedule of Cost Components
    • Dispute resolution and W2
  • Summary and take aways: what you need to do

This webinar was recorded on 4th May 2023