Under the Spotlight - Spoofing & Market Manipulation

Under the Spotlight - Spoofing & Market Manipulation

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Spoofing and other forms of market manipulation remain a top priority for law enforcement agencies in the US, UK, and EU.

Regulatory activity to date has shown that the line separating legal from illegal trading is often unclear. Avoiding or defending against spoofing charges requires legal and compliance professionals to have a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, trading strategies, and the applicable legal framework.

Spoofing actions filed by US regulators continue to disproportionately target traders located overseas, with retail and professional traders charged in London, Ukraine, Bratislava, Hong Kong, Chine, Australia, South Korea, and the UAE.

It is therefore important for international trading and compliance professionals to understand the framework used in the US and in the main other jurisdictions where spoofing is generally targeted by law enforcement.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Explanation of how spoofing is defined in relevant statutes and the trading patterns that regulators consider to be de facto spoofing
  • Explanation of market manipulation schemes that are related to spoofing
  • Explanation of spoofing regulations in non-US jurisdictions
  • Evolution of how spoofing has been interpreted by US, UK, and EU courts and regulators
  • Recent legal developments
  • How to identify and prevent spoofing

This webinar was recorded on 25th November 2021

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