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The menopause and the effect it can have on women in the workplace has begun to receive some long overdue attention.

Understandably, this topic is likely to be new for many people with management responsibilities and this lack of experience is likely to result in a fair degree of embarrassment and awkwardness for all involved.

Delivered in bite-sized 30-minute sessions, this box set comprises 5 online modules which will provide you with the practical advice and confidence necessary to have informed conversations about the impact that the menopause is having on your employees and how you and the business can support them.


Module One: Business & The Menopause

Businesses who ignore the needs of those going through the menopause are ignoring a pool of talented and committed employees who have much to contribute. This module looks at why businesses need to think carefully about their approach to menopausal employees.

  • Background to the recent publicity on the menopause at work & society
  • Why the menopause is different in terms of its impact on the health and capabilities of the workforce
  • Changing workforce demands since the pandemic
  • Demographics and the need to do something
  • Making the workplace inclusive
  • Retention strategy and why this needs to include those with particular health needs
  • Focussing on the strengths of each employee & making accommodations
  • Some business risks in ignoring health needs of employees including those who may be suffering from menopausal symptoms

Module Two: Why the Menopause Needs Discussion at Work

This module looks at the types of employees and workers who may be affected; the symptoms that they may be experiencing and the effect that those symptoms might have on their working life.

  • Who is affected by the menopause:
    • Range of employees
    • Those who may not be aware
    • Those who do not wish to discuss or acknowledge
    • Managers who feel that they need to discuss concerns
    • HR and others
  • Symptoms which may be experienced:
    • Most common and difficult to deal with
    • Less common but just as challenging for the employee
    • Length of time that symptoms might last
  • The effect that menopausal symptoms can have on employees:
    • Main symptoms & concerns
    • Less often reported symptoms
    • Link to major health problems
    • Effect on job capability

Module Three: Handling the Menopause

This module gives an overview of reasons why ‘the menopause’ (which includes the perimenopause and post-menopausal time of life) is so difficult for some people to work through. We also look at how some businesses are taking initiatives to help their employees.

  • Handling the menopause:
    • Medical interventions and its limits
    • ‘It doesn’t affect me’
    • Employee reservations to act
    • Culture of ‘putting up with it’
    • Why HRT is so helpful
    • Why HRT is avoided
    • Lifestyle changes and the affects that they might have
  • Input from employer:
    • Information and support
    • Link to physical wellness support
    • Link with mental health initiatives
    • Financial assistance
    • Practical support

Module Four: Is Your Business Menopause Friendly?

In this module we look at the challenges that professional work might present those who are menopausal, as there are specific issues which employees might find difficult to cope with if they are suffering from certain menopausal symptoms. We look at how a business might reduce the severity of some of the problems that employees face by making adjustments.

  • The traditional office environment and its main components
  • Use of equipment and desk set up
  • Long meetings
  • Client entertaining
  • Travelling and overnight stays
  • Client premises
  • Attending training courses
  • Social events
  • Issues which might apply more often to senior employees, who might be harder for a business to replace if they were to leave

Module Five: Talking About Health & the Menopause at Work

It is important that managers are confident in dealing with issues around the health of their employees. This will make talking about more sensitive topics, such as the menopause, less of a challenge for those who have little confidence or experience in this area.

  • How discussions over health concerns can be productive and positive for both parties:
    • Purpose of the meeting
    • Planning the meeting
    • Defining an outcome
    • Strategies for making the meeting conducive to agreement
    • Avoiding confusion & disagreement
  • Why discussing an employee’s health may be upsetting for them:
    • Intrusion & feelings of being singled out
    • Lack of understanding by employer
    • Employer’s failure to understand legal position
    • Lack of trust
    • Confidentiality
  • Ways to start bringing the conversation around to an employee’s health:
    • Questions to ask
    • Questions to avoid
    • Dealing with embarrassment
    • Limit of a manager’s need to understand an employee’s health issues
    • Dealing with an employee who is reluctant to engage
  • How we can help menopausal employees:
    • Resolution of issues
    • Action plans and agreement
    • Follow up and monitoring effectiveness

This webinar was recorded on 13th February 2023

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The Impact of Menopause in the Workplace - Practical Advice for Business

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