The Statutory Residence Test - All Boxed Up

The Statutory Residence Test - All Boxed Up

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Whether you are advising British expats or UK residents spending time abroad, knowledge of a taxpayer’s residence is crucial to understanding their UK taxation. It is no longer possible to simply spend time abroad to escape capital gains tax and as HMRC scrutinises taxpayer’s residence more and more, advisers need a solid foundation on which to build their advice.

How this will affect your client’s ‘days’ for the statutory residence test is also crucial to understand. Finally, in this practical and informative session, the most complex aspect of the statutory residence test, the split year rules are explored. There are eight separate ‘cases’ which all have their own conditions and criteria.

This 6-part modular webinar series will guide you through both the legislation and recent case law including recent HMRC announcements, introducing you beyond the basics to the planning tips and bear traps of the statutory residence test.

What You Will Learn

This modular webinar series will cover the following:

Module 1 - What is a Day? The Deeming Rule

  • The transit rule
  • Exceptional circumstances

Module 2 - Automatic non-UK Residence Arriver’s Days

  • Leaver’s days
  • Working full time abroad
  • Dying in the tax year

Module 3 - Automatic UK Residence

  • 183 days
  • Having a home in the UK

Module 4 - Automatic UK Residence & Working full time in the UK

  • Dying in the tax year

Module 5 - Leavers & Arrivers

  • Leavers and arrivers
  • What is a family tie?

Module 6 - The Sufficient Ties

  • The accommodation tie
  • The work tie
  • The 90 day tie
  • The country tie

This webinar was recorded on 2nd February 2024