The Law of Nuisance - Legal Frameworks & Key Considerations

The Law of Nuisance - Legal Frameworks & Key Considerations

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In this webinar barrister Paul Wilmshurst will delve into the different legal frameworks and key considerations for each type of nuisance, as well as exploring some specific topic areas in more depth, including the intersection of public nuisance and protests.

What You Will Learn

The webinar will cover the following:

  • Definition and legal frameworks of private, public, and statutory nuisance
  • Distinction between the three types of nuisance and when they apply
  • Nuisance claims in the context of property development and planning law
  • Trespass v nuisance
  • Remedies for private nuisance and when they are available
  • Statutory nuisance and the role of local authorities
  • Environmental nuisances and the legal implications of pollution
  • Defences to nuisance claims and when they may be successful
  • The intersection of public nuisance and protests and the legal framework for the use of injunctions to address public nuisance caused by protests

This webinar was recorded on 29th June 2023