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The Charities Act 2022 - A Masterclass

The Charities Act 2022 - A Masterclass


19 Sep 2024

10:00 AM ‐ 3:00 PM

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5 hours
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The Charities Act 2022 received Royal Assent on 24 February 2022 and implements recommendations made by the Law Commission.

The first provisions were brought into force on 31 October 2022, with the second phase of implementation on 14 June 2023, the third on 7 March and remaining provisions expected to be implemented in late 2024.

The Act is geared towards allowing charities to be run more efficiently. It aligns regimes for incorporated and unincorporated charities, makes it easier for charitable assets to be spent on charitable purposes and give trustees increased powers. The Act also give the Charity Commission and Charity Tribunal additional powers.

This virtual classroom seminar will bring you up to speed on all you need to know about the Act.

What You Will Learn

This seminar will cover the following:

  • New provisions governing the amendment of charity constitutions
  • Changes to
    • Cy-pres powers, including applying proceeds of ‘failed’ fundraising appeals
    • The statutory regime that applies to permanent endowment
    • The regime governing ex gratia payments
  • Additional regulatory powers for the Charity Commission to:
    • Ratify charity trustees’ appointment, where their validity is in doubt
    • Regulate the use of inappropriate names
    • Authorise charities to pay an equitable allowance
  • A new power to pay trustees for supplying goods
  • Changes to facilitate charity mergers and incorporations
  • A new power for the Charity Tribunal to make authorised costs orders
  • Provisions that are in force
  • How new provisions are operating in practice
  • When the remaining provisions are likely to be brought into force

Recording of live sessions: Soon after the Learn Live session has taken place you will be able to go back and access the recording - should you wish to revisit the material discussed.