Solicitor & Client Costs Challenges - A Survival Guide

Solicitor & Client Costs Challenges - A Survival Guide

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Solicitors conducting litigation are all too familiar with the prospect of costs assessment, albeit between the parties and not in dispute with their own client.

However, the number of solicitor and client disputes, both in litigation and in non-contentious matters are on the increase. It is noteworthy that the vast majority of complaints dealt with by the Legal Ombudsman relate to billing and costs information disputes.

The onus on solicitors, more than ever before, to provide costs transparency and best costs information, backed by increasing consumer protection, creates a minefield for the unwary.

This webinar will set the scene by setting out all the key requirements to comply with SRA Code of Conduct and common law requirements, followed by hands-on practical guidance to avoid future issues and keep your clients happy, as well as how to deal with any challenges you do receive.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Providing best costs information to comply with the SRA Code of Conduct and understanding your client’s needs
  • Avoid the pitfalls around costs estimates
  • The Solicitors Act: How it governs solicitor and client billing and fee challenges
  • Why it is worth investing time to get your ‘price’ right at the start
  • Best practice with engagement documents and how to address mission creep and facilitate the renegotiation of fees
  • Getting interim billing right, especially in litigation, and important case law, including Ivanishvili v Signature Litigation LLP [2023], Richard Slade And Company Plc v Erlam [2022]
  • Conduct and the decision in John Poyser & Co Ltd -v- Spencer [2022]
  • Avoiding write-offs and keeping clients happy
  • Your options when a client challenges your bill and tactics to adopt
  • What happens if you end up at a costs assessment and an insight into the key case law
  • Tips for negotiating with your client to resolve any dispute

This webinar was recorded on 29th May 2024

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Solicitor & Client Costs Challenges - A Survival Guide