Solar Farm Development Option & Lease Agreements - A Roundup

Solar Farm Development Option & Lease Agreements - A Roundup

Available to view from 22 Apr 2024

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Intermediate: Requires some prior subject knowledge
1.25 hours
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Solar farms are a hot topic of conversation in the countryside, with farmers diversifying by developing greenfield sites for solar schemes.

In this webinar, Alastair Frew discusses the key elements of a greenfield solar farm development option and lease, from basic commercial terms to the need to consider site remediation at the end of the term.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Solar Panels - an introduction
  • Solar Farm Leases:
    • Contractual term
    • Rent
    • Reinstatement
    • Decommissioning
    • Security bond/joint account
    • Security of tenure
  • Substations freehold or leasehold?
    • Rental terms
    • Easements
  • The Grid Connection
  • Direct Agreements
  • Option or Development Agreement
  • Advantage for landowner/developer
  • The lease plan
  • Vehicular easements and fencing
  • Planning permission
    • Who applies?
    • Visual Impact Assessment
    • Environmental Enhancement
  • Tax issues - a brief overview
    • Business Property Relief and Business rates
    • BPF entitlements and crop loss payments
    • Green Credits

This pre-recorded webinar will be streamed at 12:30pm on Monday 22nd April 2024 and will remain available to view by delegates who have registered by then for 90 days.