Partnerships, LLPs, Estates & Taxes - Key Issues to Consider

Partnerships, LLPs, Estates & Taxes - Key Issues to Consider

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This webinar will explore the key legal considerations when dealing with a member or partner both in their lifetime and after their death.

For personal representatives this can be a difficult and high-risk area and it is important that practitioners can explain the position clearly.

The webinar will look at the legal and tax position to enable you to best look after your clients’ interests.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What death does to the firm/LLP and to partnership/membership
  • What part of a member’s/partner’s share can be gifted?
  • Devolution of title
  • Sums due to the estate
  • The estate’s liability for business losses
  • Relevant IHT reliefs - APR and BPR
  • Options for personal representatives
  • Options for testators

This webinar was recorded on 24th August 2023