Older Teens & Private Children Law Proceedings - A Bite Sized Guide

Older Teens & Private Children Law Proceedings - A Bite Sized Guide

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This webinar will consider the law and cases that relate to older children as subjects of private law proceedings.

These children can be the subject of proceedings as part of a sibling group or as only children and often the issues that present for them differ from younger siblings, as does the need to move forward in consultation with them.

This webinar will also consider practice points, off-the-shelf solutions and tips, such as useful applications, tools and support for such cases.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Statute law that is relevant to older teens
  • Up to date and seminal caselaw that is particularly relevant to older teens or cases which tend to involve as sole subjects or part of a sibling group
  • Practice points for older teens either as only children or within a sibling group where their views or needs differ from the rest
  • Applications for separate representation
  • Applications for giving evidence
  • Means of providing views to the Court directly and indirectly
  • Support available
  • Specific orders that can be made which are helpful or best used for older teens

This webinar was recorded on 5th October 2023