Managing Partner Wellbeing & Ill Health - A One Hour Guide for Law Firms

Managing Partner Wellbeing & Ill Health - A One Hour Guide for Law Firms

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The partnership model of old - an equal partnership with loyal longstanding clients - has all but gone.

In a modern law firm reward and status of partners or LLP members is often based on client originations and billings, with a general focus on firm profitability.

In this competitive working environment, with clients often demanding 24/7 accessibility, the wellbeing of a growing number of partners is being impacted, often leading to conditions of stress, anxiety and depression.

This webinar will examine key legal obligations, main risks and recommended approaches for dealing with partner wellbeing and ill health.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Key legal risks for firms associated with partner wellbeing and ill health, both statutory and contractual under the partnership terms, including implied duties
  • Related legal risks for firms, including the impact on team members, clients, insurance cover and potential regulatory and PR risks in cases of partner ill health
  • Spotting the signs - how to recognise any potential issues early on, to allow for an opportunity to seek to resolve concerns, including key recommendations to allow a firm to spot potential health concerns at an early stage
  • Common thorny problems - including potentially required reasonable adjustments, difficulties with referral to occupational health, how to factor in permanent health insurance and connected concerns raised by colleagues in relation to partner conduct caused by the underlying condition, including suggested practical approaches
  • Managing the risk for firms - recommended practical approaches for firms to manage and mitigate the risks of partner ill health concerns in the future, including partner coaching and wellbeing training and initiatives

This webinar was recorded on 4th February 2020

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