Lessons Learned From the Pandemic - Insights for HR Practitioners

Lessons Learned From the Pandemic - Insights for HR Practitioners

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COVID-19 is something that we all would like to forget. However, it also revolutionised the way we work.

During this short webinar, expert Kathy Daniels will reflect on what we can learn from the pandemic, and what we might want to do differently as a result.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Remote Working
    • What worked well, and therefore should continue?
    • What should we not continue to do?
  • Managing People
    • What are the challenges of managing people remotely?
    • What are the difficulties of managing people who come into the workplace occasionally?
  • Mental Support
    • Are employees still struggling with the aftermath of the pandemic?
    • What is causing anxiety and concern?
    • What could be done differently as a result?
  • Communication
    • What have we learnt about effective ways of communication?
    • What bad habits have we got into, that should stop?
  • Changing Jobs
    • Do we need to change processes as new starters join the organisation?
    • Do we need to have different processes in place to support those who change job within the organisation?

This webinar was recorded on 27th June 2023