Is Your Data Secure? Exploring Cyber Threats & Risk Management

Is Your Data Secure? Exploring Cyber Threats & Risk Management

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With the rapid pace of technological transformation and the recent pandemic we have witnessed major changes to the way data is collected, accessed, used, and transferred.

Individuals are understandably worrying about their personal data, especially in light of recent data breach headlines, and organisations are experiencing pressure from both the regulators and new data protection legislation.

Therefore, organisations must ensure they are taking every measure to protect their data and are able to safely navigate the cyber threats in 2023 and beyond.

This short e-learning programme will help you to understand the current threats of cyber-crime and the steps you need to take to protect your data from attack or exposure.

What You Will Learn

With interactive learning activities, knowledge checks and key reminder messages, the programme covers the following:

  • Cyber threats to your business and the insider risks linked to data exposure
  • How data is exposed, and which data is being targeted
  • Identify the safeguards required to protect your data

You can take each section at your own pace, picking up where you left off and are able to see your progress throughout.

The programme concludes with an assessment. Your score will be recorded and 'super-user' reporting functionality for the organisation as a whole is available in the MBL learning platform.