Inheritance Tax Reliefs - All Boxed Up with Megan Saksida

Inheritance Tax Reliefs - All Boxed Up with Megan Saksida

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There are very few assets that are exempt from inheritance tax (IHT), but there are some IHT reliefs available.

This 6-part modular webinar covers some of those reliefs, including examples and calculations to aid understanding.

Tax legislation is increasingly complicated and the protection of the beneficiary must be foremost in any practitioners mind.

What You Will Learn

This modular webinar will cover the following:

Module 1 - When is IHT Charged?

  • Common law domicile
  • Deemed domicile
  • Domicile tails

Module 2 - Valuing the Transfer

  • Loss to donor rules
  • Related property rules
  • What is a PET and what is a CLT?

Module 3 - Exemptions to Transfers

  • Excluded property
  • Ignored transfers
  • Exemptions

Module 4 - Additional Tax on Lifetime Transfers & Failed PETs

  • Taper relief
  • Fall in value relief
  • Transferable nil rate band

Module 5 - The Death Estate - Part One

  • Valuation of assets
  • Treatment of loans
  • Residence nil rate band
  • Offsetting liabilities

Module 6 - The Death Estate - Part Two

  • Quick succession relief
  • Post-mortem relief - shares
  • Post-mortem relief - land and buildings

This webinar was recorded on 19th February 2024