Former Tenants & Guarantors - Hurdles to Enforcement

Former Tenants & Guarantors - Hurdles to Enforcement

Available to view from 7 May 2024

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When a tenant is in difficulties paying the rent and other sums, the landlord’s ability to turn to other parties is crucial. It may be a former tenant that remains liable, or perhaps their guarantor, or a parent company or director and shareholder who has given a guarantee. However, this is not always straightforward.

As regards former tenants, but more particularly their guarantors, the courts still continue to grapple with the interpretation of the Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995. More generally, recourse against guarantors can be vulnerable to insolvency procedures, and challenge on other grounds such as lease variations and even undue influence. Recent caselaw continues to develop the understanding of these areas.

For those advising a former tenant or guarantor in receipt of a landlord’s claim or a s.17 notice, knowing the possible challenges and the range of tactical options may mean the difference between the client writing a hefty cheque and turning the situation to advantage.

The webinar is aimed at solicitors and surveyors engaged in commercial letting work.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • The 1995 Act - principle and pragmatism
  • Parent company guarantees after the EMI Group cases
  • s.17 notices - getting them right
  • Challenging the landlord’s claim
  • Impacts of insolvency procedures

This pre-recorded webinar will be streamed at 12:30pm on Tuesday 7th May 2024 and will remain available to view by delegates who have registered by then for 90 days.