Cumulative Impact Policies under the Licensing Act 2003

Cumulative Impact Policies under the Licensing Act 2003

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There are few issues more determinative of the success or failure of a premises licence application than whether the premises is situated within a cumulative impact policy area. These areas also tend to be the most attractive locations for licensed businesses to operate in or extend their existing licences. So it is little surprise that such applications often prove to be the most controversial and hard fought.

Recent reforms in the Policing and Crime Act 2017, which came into force in April 2018, have placed cumulative impact policies on a statutory footing for the first time.

This webinar is aimed at both experienced practitioners and those newer to the licensing field, whether representing the trade, local authorities, residents or responsible authorities. It will consider the recent reforms, the legal and practical implications and strategic issues that surround applications within cumulative impact areas.

What You Will Learn

Topics to be covered include:

  • The genesis of cumulative impact policies
  • The statutory reforms and cumulative impact assessments
  • The role of Statements of Licensing Policy
  • Legal, practical and strategic considerations when making or resisting applications
  • Challenging policies
  • Justifying exceptions to cumulative impact policies
  • Appealing cumulative impact policy decisions

This webinar was recorded on 16th September 2019